First visit of 2014


Helen and Ellie and I went to the allotment on Sunday 5 January with some protective fleece for our tiny patch of beans, garlic and onions that we put in just before the winter set in properly. They are all sprouting as they should be, but needed a little protection from the increasingly cold weather.  It was so cold that we barely stayed half an hour. Despite lots of tales of sheds broken into, our shed and our greenhouse, both unlocked, were fine. The aim of the breakers in seems to be just to get in, and not to steal. Noone reports anything missing, just massive damage to locks, and to windows.  So we will definitely not be investing in locks or other security devices.



our little lawn is greener, but lots of weeds have bedded in rather than grass grown.  But the overall impression is green, and we can weed the patch later.

Cant wait till the weather improves.


Meanwhile have been drinking the damson gin.  In cocktails, with vermouth, and soda.


Author: maggiemellon

writes, talks, organises, works, cooks, cycles, swims, sings in a choir- and has an allotment

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