Maggie Mellon (CQSW, MSc, Dip Child Protection) I am social worker with many years’experience in both Scotland and England. I have been vice chair of the British Association of Social Workers since 2014, and also chairs the Association’s Ethics and Human Rights Committee.  Non – executive Director of NHS Health Scotland and is a member of the editorial Board of Scottish Justice Matters, and was formerly Director of Services for Children 1st and Head of Public Policy for NCH Action for Children in Scotland. I was chair of the Scottish Child Law Centre from 2009 -12. I now work independently as a consultant on social work practice and public policy.

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  1. Per favore, aiuti questo bambino, il rischio che si stia verificando una depressione anaclitica è molto presente è possibile.

    Hi I’m a member of cayden the bravehearts group I’m emailing you as I’m asking for help for cayden and his family as we need to get cayden home to be with his family at the moment cayden is in Glasgow hospital but we need to get him home to be with his family xx
    Thank you
    L.C. Aquilano
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  2. hi im a member of cayden the brave heart group . and im actually appalled that a social worker is stopping a sick childs mum and family to be around him, that child needs to be around him what right do they have playing god , its disgusting they get away with this , as its comming out now its happening in many hospital , if parents refuse to go by their rules , thought they were there to help children , its more like a torture camp what social services are doing how you lot sleep at night beats me , but then seems birds of a feather stick together with lies , do the decent thing and allow this child his family around him shame on you all

  3. Totally agree – I can’t understand what is motivating them to do this.. From what I know from Cayden’s grandparents this is one of the worst examples of cruelty and inhumanly I have come across. I think an urgent judicial review might be the only way to stop it and let this little boy have his mother and grandparents back.

  4. Please help in anyway you can they are disparate to be with Cayden but no only if his is in heart failure are they to be let in ,he is missing his mummy and grandparents and all his family it’s just beyond comprehension how this can be done when Cayden is terminally ill it must be so heart breaking please help them ,

  5. How long is a judicial review going to take? This beautiful little boy needs his family! He is getting care from nurses who are overworked and cannot just concentrate their care on Cayden. Only his Mummy and Grandparents can give him the love and attention he needs and deserves. Please do all you can to expedite the process and let Cayden be a little boy and not just a pawn in one social workers’ game!

  6. Something needs doin so cayden gets his mum. They dont know how long his got left….. How can a court give 2hrs a week to his own mother knowing this. Id be besides myself if that was me. What if something happened and his mun wasnt there!!!!! He needz her

  7. This case proves that SW in Scotland is out of control and have zero compassion or care and to further prove this point is the fact the Scottish Government claims when a child is taken into care SW will work with that parent or parents yet my charity is yet to see this in action in fact of all our charities clients that lost children to the current system NOT once has SW ever given parents support or advice and then use this at children’s hearings to then claim parents are not engaging with their services its downright shameful and unlawful practices which in turn proves the children’s hearings are also not fit for purpose in our humble opinion.

    Moreover more and more children are being taken into care with social workers claiming children have some form of mental incapacity when in reality they have zero training in mental health made worse by a children’s hearing system that has even less mental health training.

    When SW then claims these children have mental disorders like ADHD they blame these conditions on the way the children are brought up by bad parental skills only and because the children’s hearing system gives zero training my children are placed into the care system never to be returned shows many children are being damaged by the sole actions of unprofessional social workers and their managers?

    When the children become LAC, SW will do all they can to break the family bounds including using any excuse to stop contacts usually within 6 months they do this by telling children their parents dont love them anymore and makes it easier for them to except permanence and their new carers/parents we know this because of the best endeavours of social work children in care are not as stupid as SW think they are and most are in full contact with their parents they were cruelly taken from one of the main reasons 90% of all looked after children will go back to their natural families after they are released by the state when they are no longer financially viable to their new carers.

    Let us move on the agents in the field (children’s services social workers) we know this is a fact as whistle-blower have come forward plus our own research. They are looking for good children as bad or damaged children don’t attain well in school and no bonuses get paid out and there’s lots of profits to be made from looked after children and care and even better if the children are on some form of spectrum.

    The average a carer can expect to make in rewards is around £72,000 pa if the child is deemed to require more needs one of the reasons there is a huge number of children in care that has extra needs but only according to SW.

    The reason for this is simple SW develop their own case files where it’s easier to claim something rather in actual medical proof one of the main reasons children are constantly been moved from one area to another as once on the waiting list for a mental health actual assessment if they get moved to another area that whole process has to start again as the children are no-longer registered in that health board area means the children’s hearing system or the children’s parents ever find out the truth and the more the carers can get payments they were never ever entitled to and the fostering companies makes huge amount of profits for a very long time?

    Dr Clapton has stated and rightly so Scotland has the highest rate of children in care in the UK but it’s also one of the highest in the western world is it because we have the worst parents or is it the fostering companies driving the demand well let’s explore that idea they claim there will be a demand of an extra 300% in the next 5 years where do they get this data from moreover if SW were as professional as they claim to be why should there be an extra 30,000 children in care from Scotland terrifies us!

    So the question is what rewards do their agents in the field actually get paid or how commission is paid one of the reasons when social workers have an really bad case file it becomes a case of life and death in a children’s hearing that defies belief to keep the children in care and yet another fact is the very low number of children in care after 3 months that are actually returned back into their parents care is less than 5% which is just shocking in a modern society don’t you agree?

    Some ask the question how or why this is the case our own understanding could have something to do with the way SW is now Governed in general there has been a lot of cut backs in adult services but one constant remains the more children in care requires more work for social workers in other areas it also keeps SW managers in posts as well and if they control who is taken into care they also control their own destiny and who suffers – the very children they claim to have joined the service to help and protect, really?

    Son all these children year on year going into care with 80% of whom may have worse outcomes than if they stayed with their natural parents and having contact with the criminal justice system just means even more continuous work for adult services social workers going forward so the question would have be asked why SW would want to change or even encouraged to change direction the answer is they won’t and the only way forward is to make it an offense that if social workers lie fabricate cases against parents then they have to face the fully wrath of our justice system if they are doing this anyway the have nothing to fear and should embrace it and fully support the Scottish private petition 1673 but Scottish SW has already attacked it, WHY?

    The whole Scottish SW model is outdated, out of control and the Scottish Care review body has only one chance to repair this state of affairs before it becomes a real national scandal!

  8. There are so many cases similar to this. The media won’t run with these stories because the legislation stops them giving the family name in case it identifies the child. Some of the mothers I have supported have had extremely treatment. Here are a few.

    10 year old child diagnosed type 1 diabetes. Mother kept close control and record of sugar levels and diet. Contacted hospital every time she saw things not right. Child fitted with an insulin pump which the mother found from her own inquires has a mechanical design fault. The NHS were informed but ignored it. One day child taken to hospital as was not right. Paediatrician claimed that mother had attempted to murder child by over dosing with insulin. Children in care for 2 years. Police and Crown investigations found no evidence of allegation. Two years after the children home another paediatrician reading the old files had the children taken back into care initially claiming the mother was a Schedule 1 offender. Paediatrician then changed story to mother had FII tendencies. After 2 years children eventually returned home. No action taken against any of the “experts” who made false accusations. Youngest child extremely traumatised by the whole event. Mother has been told waiting time of at least 12 months for daughter to get medical help for the trauma.

    Another mother had her children taken into care over five years ago. Has not seen them since. Social workers not keeping to Court decisions. Earlier this year mother apprehended by police and appeared in Court charged withy five offences of a sexual nature against her children. Sheriff reviewing paper work very critical of social work reports. Children had been interviewed by a Safe Guarder and said wanted to be home. Ignored.
    Following week police called at mothers house and told her all charges dropped. Said that they had reinterviewed children who said that at the time they were trying to tell social workers that they were trying to protect their mother from a very abusive partner. Mother told now that investigation into abuse of the children by the then partner. Mother still not got children back.

    A few weeks back mother and father coerced into signing Section 25 forms. Child who had had a kidney transplant put in foster care as family members medically unfit to look after her. Parents told social workers that as a result of the kidney transplant child was on a heavy medical routine which must be adhered to strictly. Five days after child in care was rushed to Glasgow Sick Childrens. Transpired that while in foster care she had been given 10 times the correct dose of one medication. Latest parents have heard from medical experts is that they fear that the kidney ahs been severely damaged and may be dying.

    There is absolutely no accountability within child protection in Scotland. As a result of my own experiences I presented Petition Number 1673 to the Scottish Parliaments Petition Committee supported by Maggie Mellon and another very experienced person who has spent her life working with children and adults with learning disabilities. That Petition is still live. It can be read on the Petitions Committee Web site along with various submissions. (http://www.parliament.scot/GettingInvolved/Petitions/PE01673) Anybody can read the submissions made against it by the Government. During two meetings discussing the merit of the Petition, the Convenor, Johann Lamont, MSP, has said “is there a lack of support for families or is it a case of a mind set that says children must be taken into care”. I have another four Petitions waiting for the Petitions Committee to be post on their website and discuss. There is at least another 12 live Petitions before the Petitions Committee all related to child issues.

    Fiona Duncan, Chair of the Independent Care Review into children in care is very keen to hear from any mother/family who have gone through the experience of their children being taken into care. She can be contacted through the Independent Care Review office or by sending an email to Fiona@carereview.scot. I would encourage as many people as possible to contact her. The more information she gets the better her hopes of getting the system changed. For far too long mothers and families have been isolated. Now is a chance to all speak as one voice.

  9. Poor brave Cayden lost his fight for life a few days ago but the fight for his parents fight for justice has yet to begin so this sorry state of affairs never happens to another set of parents ever again. What I know of the case SW should hang their heads in shame.

  10. As if the family have not suffered enough, the registrar did not complete the Death Certificate properly. When asked for more information they claimed it was a breach of the GDPR to give. New death certificate has finally been completed. In the meantime Cayden has been lying in a fridge in Darlington. His family hoped to get him finally home today or tomorrow for a funeral on Monday 8th July. Social workers had asked the family if the foster carer of a few months (mostly when Cayden was in hospital) could be with him when he passed away.

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