We need to stop and consider the impact on children of accepting and promoting transgender explanations for children’s feelings

Paper by Maggie Mellon On the impact of poverty on Children and Families in Social Work system

Photograph: Murdo Macleod

This paper by Maggie Mellon was given by her at the meeting of the Social Work History Network on Bob Holman, held at King’s College London on 30 November 2016

Easterhouse is about 6 miles east of Glasgow city centre. Building began in the mid-1950s by Glasgow Corporation. The same age as I am roughly. The goal was to provide better housing for the people of the east end of Glasgow. It was built to house over 50,000 people – a town with no amenities, no centre, no theatre, few shops.

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Stand up for social work by joining BASW

Guest blog from Maggie Mellon, Vice Chair of The British Association of Social Workers (BASW)

Community Care has reported less than a tenth of the profession are involved in the debate following the College of Social Work’s closure announcement. I want as many people as possible to get involved in talking about social work, we must defend and promote our profession and not expect others to do it on our behalf.

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‘Where’s Kilbrandon Now?’: reviewing child justice in Scotland


Maggie Mellon reports on ‘Where’s Kilbrandon Now?’, the inquiry into the future of the Scottish children’s hearing system.

Child Justice in Scotland is based on a system of hearings held by panels .It was established in 1968, in response to a report by Lord Kilbrandon, a senior Scottish laws lord. In recent years the hearings system has come under criticism for being ‘too soft’, and there have been calls to take child justice back to the courts.

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Named Person: National Caseworking

By Maggie Mellon

Supporters of the Named Person (NP) scheme, who relied mainly on assurances given by the Government and NP’s architects and supporters, might have been surprised by the Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling that the law needed to be dropped or substantially revised. It was, however, not the assurances that were the subject of the challenge and the Supreme Court ruling. Why the Government and its supporters chose not to refer themselves and us to the wording of the Act is for them to explain, but anyone who remains in any doubt that they have been misled should read the relevant parts of the Act, the Guidance and the Supreme Court judgement.

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An Open Letter to John Swinney On Named Person

DEAR John Swinney,

You have asked for engagement on the future of the Named Person following the ruling of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court ruled the information sharing provisions unlawful and also cautioned that parental or child consent to share personal information should not be obtained by the threat of any possible consequences.

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Getting the balance right, achieving results with children and families

Maggie Mellon, Director of Children and Family Services with Children 1st. Maggie previously worked as Head of Public Policy for NCH Scotland and has written and edited a number of publications.

Recorded at the Achieving Results with Children and Families conference.

Source: Lriss